Thank you for heading over to my page to check out my work! If you are interested in booking a permanent cosmetic procedure, please make sure to read all the pre-care instructions under the “permanent cosmetics” tab! The BOOK NOW button will lead you directly to that page! From there, you can set up your PMU appointment!🖤


This is a permanent cosmetic procedure that creates definition, shape, and a powdery filled in look. Ombré brows can be as bold or as soft and powdery as you desire! The design starts with a darker tail and gradually fades into a softer/lighter front of the brow. This procedure is suitable for most skin types and lasts 1-3 years depending on skin type and aftercare.



This is a permanent cosmetic procedure that creates the look of hair strokes. This results in a very natural look that makes your natural hair pattern appear fuller and more shapely. (Not everyone is a candidate for this service. If you are unsure, please contact me for questions). 

If you are unsure whether you want microblading or ombré brows, go ahead and book for ombré brows and we will go over a full consult at your appointment!



This technique is the best of both worlds! You get microblading hair strokes in the front, but also ombré power brow affect through the midsection and tail of the brows!



If you have previously had your brows done and need them corrected, you must first contact me and send me clear pictures of your eyebrows. From there we will determine the best option for you!



This service breaks the tradition of lip liner or full lip tattoos and creates a more natural look of a subtle tint! This service is great for anyone wanting to add a little extra pop of color to their lips or anyone who has lost some natural lip color and wants to add definition and color back in! It can create fullness and more symmetry to your natural pout! This technique make it so easy to just “gloss and go!”